Liverpool- City of Hate

Well, it seems like it has taken me a lifetime to complete but finally I am coming to an end with the final chapter in sight. All in all 700 pages of intense fight for survival in 80s Liverpool.

I have never written a book before but after careful consideration I came to appreciate that maybe my book could help people understand the serious mental and physical impact racism has on people. Not just on the individual person but on their entire family, friends and indeed school and working life.

As a boy I emigrated from London with my family to several Mediterranean countries over a ten year period before returning to my birthplace, England. Returning to England was not an option as we had lost our home through war and London too was no longer an option as the cost of living was much higher than when we had left several years earlier. We were returning home with nothing but the few pounds my father had in his pockets.

Returning to the United Kingdom should have been a pleasant memory for our family, after all it was me and my three brothers and sister’s birthplace but looking back, it was far from pleasant. Something about us had changed- living for several years under the scorching sun of the Mediterranean blue sky had darkened our skin and this would have a serious impact on all our lives.

With hardly any money, my parent’s decided Liverpool would be our new home and in 1974 the plane touched down at Manchester airport and myself, my three brothers, baby sister, mother and father exited the plane to begin our new life in England. Within just an hour of departing from the airport via taxi, we had arrived in Liverpool.

My family began their new life in Croxteth Liverpool. Several years later we moved to a new home in Green Lane, Liverpool and finally to a terraced home in Huyton, Liverpool.

The racism the family endured during the thirty five years of living within the City of Liverpool will stretch the imagination beyond the realms of reality. This book is written by myself and I have written it as accurately as possible, having not added or taken away any detail from each chapter.

At times you will laugh at the humor, be shocked at the trauma and be intrigued at how a great City can be open to such violent racism, not just by the individual in the street but by the very organisations that are supposed to prevent it or attempt to protect you from it.

At Eighteen years of age I had had enough. The Police were powerless and legislation to protect my family from these racists did not even exist. Despite moving home three times and school countless times, the racism followed us and without the financial muscle to leave Liverpool we were doomed.

I watched my older brothers beaten to the ground one by one, powerless to help them. I joined a weight training gym, abused steroids and became the very thing that I had grown up hating- violence. I made some very streetwise friends and retaliated against the racists with the very thing they unleashed on my family- violence and as a result I was arrested but the system had left me no choice. My family needed protecting and there was nowhere to run. Could I stand by and let my family die in the hands of these people? The answer was simple- No. I knew I had to do something and if that meant becoming someone else then so be it. This was survival and we were at war.

My book looks at racism in the streets of Liverpool, in the schools and in the workplace. At 53 years of age I look back now and I am beyond hate and have a new life with a wonderful wife. I no longer live in Liverpool and I have lost my once very close three brothers. They were not only my brothers but my best friends too- I miss them dearly. I have lost them to mental illness brought on by the terrible torture of living and breathing the violence of racism in Liverpool for every single day of our lives.

I too have suffered and am still suffering the nightmare of what our family were put through during the 1980s in the City of Liverpool. My terror continues in the form of panic attacks, nightmares and fear. My only solace is the prescription drugs that numb my mind and the therapy that sometimes help me to forget.

My book is not just a book but a diary written by the very person who endured violence in the hands of racists- my book is “The City of Hate”.

If you are suffering racism in your life right now please seek help immediately. Don’t choose to ignore it or believe you can deal with it because it will not only devour you but your family and anyone else close to you.  As a family we blamed each other for our suffering in the hands of these racists and in the end it tore our family apart.

It has taken me 35- years to stand up and write this book. As I child growing up in Liverpool I was made to believe I was wrong for making a stand against racism- by my teachers, by the Police, by the system and eventually by my own family as the gangs retaliated and destroyed everything we had and owned.

Every week starting from next week I will be adding an excerpt from my book “City of Hate” for you to read. I really hope you enjoy it.

Please enjoy the book and please, if you need to talk just send me a message night or day. Please don’t suffer silently. Together we can beat Racism……..

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